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PDAProtect your systems from threats

It has been widely reported that if an unprotected machine is connected to the internet, it will become infected with at least one virus within 40 seconds. The time it takes between an vulnerability being found and it being exploited by virus-writers is decreasing rapidly. Five years ago it would typically take 2 weeks or more for a new virus to appear. Today it can take less than 4 days and it is predicted that within the next coupe of years, this will be down to a matter of hours.

It is therefore vital that you protect your systems with a good anti-virus program. We have used many anti-virus programs in the past, but we have found one to be particularly suited to the home and small business market - Norman AV.

Norman are at the forefront of advanced virus detection technologies. With their patented SandBox™ technology, it is now possible to detect viruses before there is even a recognised virus signature. By analysing the behaviour of suspcious files, Norman SandBox™ can isolate a potential virus while a signature is created for it.

An anti-virus program should not only be good at detecting viruses, it must also update regularly and be easy to use. Here Norman AV excels. With daily, fully-automated virus signature and detection engine updates and a simple set and forget interface, Norman AV really is a class ahead of the competition.

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Managed Anti-virus

For our managed services, we have chosen McAfee AV. Like Norman, McAfee is one of the wold-leaders in virus detection and containment. Where McAfee scores over Norman is in the ability to manage the software remotely. The McAfee Management Interface allows our technicians to monitor and manage all our client machines over the internet. This comprehensive management and alerting capability has previously only been available to corporates. With McAfee we are able to push critical updates to your machines should the need arise, as well as take any corrective action needed with quarantined files. All this is done remotely and without interfering with your use of your machines, allowing you to concentrate on your own business.

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What is Spyware?

There is no clear definition of what constitutes Spyware. Various industry bodies are working on a definition, but until there is one, Spyware is simply programs that are loaded onto your system that report back on what you do. What is Spware to one company, is a valid market research tool to another. However, there is a range of spyware that is generally considered to be nuicance and can be removed or prevented from installing by anti-spyware programs. Both unmanaged Norman and managed McAfee come with optional anti-spyware.

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