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Online Data Backup

How well protected is your business data? Do you backup your data? If you do, where do you keep the backups? Of the 33% of UK business that backup their data and store it offsite, many are still using unreliable and costly CDs or tapes. If you use these media, when did you last check the integrity of the backup?

Of companies that don't use an online data backup service and have lost emails, accounts, customer records or critical documents, 90% have gone out of business or suffered crippling financial losses. Is this a risk that you can afford to take? Regis IT can offer their Bognor Regis and Chichester clients the benefit of a reliable online data backup service to ensure that your company doesn't become one of these statistics.

Our DataSafe product is designed to take the headache out of online and offsite data backup. DataSafe uses the power and accessibility of the internet to backup your data to highly secure offsite storage centres - not one but two! DataSafe provides the following benefits:

  • Fully Automated: your online data backups are managed 24/7/365. There's no risk of forgetting to do the backup or putting it off until another day!

  • Completion Notification: receive confirmation that each of your online data backups is complete or notification of any problems. If your systems are also managed by SystemSafe, we automatically monitor the status of every backup and take corrective action if required.

  • Instant Retrieval: you can access your backups at any time at no cost. for a small additional fee, you can also access your backups securely from any internet enabled machine
  • Mirrored Offsite Storage: your online data is backed up simultaneously to two geographically separate facilities, each of which also uses the latest mirroring technology to ensure the integrity of your data.

  • Compressed Data: before online data backup, your data is compressed to reduce the size of data needing to be sent offsite.

  • Incremental Backup: once a document is backed up, further backups store just the changes, reducing costs;

  • Encrypted Data: before sending your data to the storage facilities, it is encrypted using high-security bank standard encryption;

  • Low monthly fees: you only pay for the data you backup.

What's more, for complete peace-of-mind, you can see your online data backups and all the files they contain at any time.

DataSafe comes three versions:

  • DataSafe Standard : suited to business with a small number of PCs or companies with a mobile workforce using laptops. Each device is backed up individually ensuring all company data is protected againt loss.

  • DataSafe Professional : suited to businesses with a Microsoft server and/or networked PCs. The online data backup is run from a central server ensuring all your critical data is secure;

  • DataSafe Premium : is suited to businesses that use a mix of operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris or Novell) or have databases such SQL Server, Exchange, Oracle, Sybase, Lotus or GroupWise.

Secure and automated data backup from just £10/month

Prices start at just £10/month (ex VAT) for 500mb of uncompressed online data backup. Typical costs for an average size business with 4Gb of data are £20/month (ex VAT).

Download your free trial now!

Still not sure whether this is right for you? Then download our fully functioning free trial version which allows you to backup 10Gb of data for up to 14 days. See for yourself why the business communities of Bognor Regis, Chichester, South West Sussex and South East Hampshire are benefiting from Regis IT's easy-to-use online data backup and how you could start saving on manual backup and gain peace of mind that your data is secure.

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