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PDANew business from new markets

What is eCommerce? Put simply it is interacting with your customers online rather than through traditional methods. There are many businesses that are pure eCommerce stores - Dell, Amazon and Lastminute to name a few. However, there are far more businesses where the online store is an alternative outlet to their primary business. These are typically known as a clicks'n'mortar businesses and Regis IT can offer an ecommerce solution that will propel you ahead of the competition.

Business to Consumer

As a clicks'n'mortar business you can use the web to it's full potential by selling directly online. Alternatively you can implement a shop window on the Web to entice customers to your business.

Why just have shop window on the web? 75% of the UK population now have access to the internet and a large proportion of those use the internet to research products online, before going to the store to buy their chosen product or contacting the business for their chosen service.

To implement a full online store, you must have in place the means to view your products and services, collate requests into an order, collect payment, track the order and deliver the goods to your customer. You also need the means to manage your online store: update the catalogue; manage stock levels;

Business to Business

eCommerce is not just about selling to the public. In the business to business marketplace, eCommerce has the potential to significantly reduce costs. With the increasing standardisation of core business documents such as product catalogues, purchase orders and invoices, much routine business to business activities can now be done entirely electronically over the internet. By integrating your stock management system with your suppliers order management system, you can implement a just-in-time warehousing policy whereby you maintain just the stock you need, making better use of your facilities and reducing cost through replacement of manual ordering processes. Likewise, if your are a supplier, you can reduce your back-office costs through automated order processing, with your customer orders received directly into your order managment system.

eCommerce Solutions

We are able to offer you a wide range of eCommerce stores and business to business ecommerce solutions. All solutions come with optional easy to use Content Management Systems and online payment gateways. With the advent of dedicated 'open-source' ecommerce applications, we are now able to use our ecommerce website design skills to create fully functional online stores for a fraction of the cost that was typical just 5 years ago. Now everyone that sells products can get online and take a share of this multi-billion pound marketplace. If you don't use a Regis It ecommerce web design, you can be sure your competitors in Bognor Regis and Chichester will!

If you are in the business to business arena, we can explore options for reducing costs through greater IT integration with your customers and/or suppliers.

How much do you have to invest?

We have a flexible fee structure to suit your budget. So even if you're a small business in the Bognor Regis, Chichester, South West Sussex or South East Hampshire area, all of our low-cost sites can be charged up-front with low monthly hosting fees, or we can increase the monthly fees to cover site rental and lower or even remove your up-front costs. For business to business solutions, your investment will depend on your exact requirements.

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