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PDAMarketing with Technology

You've probably received hundreds of email newsletters and marketing materials. Sometimes this can be annoying, but at other times the information may be welcome.

Have you ever tried to create and send a newsletter using just Word and Outlook? If you have then you probably wouldn't want to do it again!

A specialist email marketing tool will allow you to generate additional business. You can use it to tap into your existing customer database, allowing you to keep in regular contact with your customers. It's a proven marketing fact that if you keep your message in front of your customers, they will be more lkely to do repeat business with you rather than go elsewhere. You can also use email marketing to reach new customers, as long as you abide by the new anti-spam laws. While the laws explicitly exclude business email addresses from the anti-spam regulations, it's good practice to always use 'opt-in' lists to avoide offending potential new customers.

Key to any marketing campaign is to track how the campaign performed. This is not something you can do with standard email messages. A good email marketing tool will track your campaign allowing you to see who received the mails, who opened them and who subsequently visited your website for further information.

The anti-spam regulations require to you include an 'unsubscribe' method in all marketing mails that you send. This can be a simple reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject, but for ease of maintence you should use a tool that automatically manages your mail database.

We recommend ConstantContact as cost effective, capable and easy to use email marketing tool.

SMS Marketing

Like email marketing, SMS marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing armoury. A good SMS tool will allow you to send SMS messages to your chosen contacts. We are currently researching appropriate SMS tools and will update our site with further information as it becomes available.

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