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It’s been going on for thousands of years all around the world. Good conversation over a beautiful meal or fine wine with friends, colleagues or business contacts. But things are hotting up. Today, people are looking for something more and that's where a dependable wireless internet service provider (WiFi provider) comes in.

The virtual has become the real. All kinds of people are connecting as never before and it’s via the Internet and more specifically, a wireless internet service provider. They’re going online to do business, go shopping, email loved ones, check the latest news and information and much more. And hospitality venues are starting to notice and consider investing in their own WiFi provider…

Attract more customers…

For a cost to you of just one large glass of wine, the WiFi FreeSpot ™ is specially designed to bring your customers free Internet access at your venue. It will draw people to you. New customers will visit and others will extend their stay simply because of your venue’s free hot spot. And all the time they’re placing more orders with you.

Who will they be?

Everyone! Today, there’s no such thing as a typical internet-user. Business people, tourists, retired people, travelling sales people, students, busy parents - they’re all going online. But not everyone owns a computer or has Internet access when out and about. So if you’re offering a WiFi FreeSpot ™, they’re all potentially your customers.

Streamlines your business…

Take advantage yourself. The WiFi FreeSpot ™ also brings a low cost, comprehensive service to you and your staff, with software and wireless equipment fully managed by us. You’ll have secure access to online and offline services such as banking and accounting systems and online suppliers. You’ll connect instantly with potential customers online, responding swiftly to their email enquiries, and you’ll enjoy reduced paperwork and increased productivity.

Complete peace of mind

Our FreeSpots are fully managed, freeing you to concentrate on your business. With 24x7 monitoring, a technical helpdesk and 24hr laptop replacement, you can be sure that your customers benefit from free wireless internet access without interruption.

Becoming a WiFi FreeSpot ™ venue is a simple yet shrewd investment. In fact, getting WiFi setup is the way ahead. Hesitate and you risk losing your customers to a free WiFi provider elsewhere. Act now and trust in a dependable wireless internet service provider that has the experience to offer Chichester, Bognor Regis, South West Sussex and South East Hampshire the best facility available.

Click here to book your site survey and demonstration now!

We offer a no-obligation site survey to find out what you will need to run your own internet hot spot. Simply click here and complete the online form. We will be in touch within 48hrs. Alternatively call us and we'll be happy to explain the benefits of offering free internet access and how easy the service is to use.

You can download a Fact Sheet on the service by clicking here or going to our Fact Sheets page.

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