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Not sure what hardware & software you need or where to get the best deal? We can help!

Doesn't it annoy you that the first question you get asked when you go into computer or electrical store is generally "how much do you want to spend?". We take a different line - we'll first assess your requirements and from that work out what you need. Only then will be look at what we can deliver within your budget. If you're after a complete network and only have a £500 budget, then we'll tell you it's not possible. Equally, if you have a £1000 budget but only need a machine to read email and browse the internet, we'll tell you that you only need to spend £400!

Through our accounts with large trade distributors, we are able to source all of the equipment and software you need at competitive prices. However, if you prefer to deal with major retailers such as Dell, we are able to negotiate on your behalf and perhaps secure a better discount for you. Like we did with one customer requiring 25 new desktop machines. We were able to negotiate a discount of more than £150 per machine with a large computer retailer.

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