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What is an intranet? A powerful and easy to use private internet specifically designed to help businesses share information and knowledge. An extranet is the extension of the intranet to selected individuals outside the organisation.

Previously intranets have only been available to large corporations that can dedicate the resources required to build and maintain them. With the introduction of the award winning Orchidnet Pro product from Orchid Software, intranets are now within the budget of smaller businesses.

Out Intranet solution boasts a wealth of applications, each developed to help users complete their tasks more efficiently. In doing so it offers organisations the ability to achieve real business benefits ranging from increased efficiency and reduced costs to improved customer service. Just some of the 30+ applications included are:

  • Contact Manager (CRM): maintain and share a single view of all company contacts;

  • Fileshare & Article Publisher: share company departmental and project information;

  • Form Manager: streamline and automate everyday business processes;

  • Whereabouts: instantly locate colleagues and schedule meetings;

  • Room & Resource Booking: manage shared resources quickly and easily.

Our Intranet comes with a powerful search capability which references the entire intranet including: Shared Files, Published Articles, Discussion Forums, FAQs and more. Accessing relevant information more easily can generate significant improvements in productivity.

As a web-based solution, your intranet is accessible by all authorised users wherever internet access is available.

Security of critical business information is vital to all organisations. You can configuration of every aspect of a user's access rights, so users can see only what you want them to see. To ensure that your information is safe from external interference, your intranet is hosted on highly secure managed servers and subject to industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption.

How much do you have to invest?

There is no up-front capital cost! Your intranet is a an on-demand service - you pay a low monthly fee for each user and you can add or remove users in minutes. As a managed service, there is no hardware or software to purchase and no technical skills are required.

Contact us now to book a free no-obligation 30 day trial!

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