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Section 03 Support Fees

Managed Services

SystemCare Desktop/Laptop Pricing
Per PC
Machines 1-10*
Machines 11-20
Machines 21+
Managers Machines (1 desktop + 1 laptop)
Remote Only
Initial Setup/Audit, Machines 1-5
Initial Setup/Audit, Machines 6+
*plus £5/machine if less than 5 machines

SystemCare Server Pricing
Per Server
MS Small Business Server Standard
- 1 to 4 Users
- 5 to 10 Users
- 11+ Users
MS Small Business Server Premium
MS File & Print Server Only (no domain)
MS Windows Domain Server, 1st server
MS Windows Domain Server, additional servers
MS Windows External Hosted Web Server
MS Windows Terminal Server
MS Exchange Management (Non-SBS)
MS SQL Server Management (Non-SBS)
MS SQL Desktop/Express Management
MS ISA/Proxy Server Managment (Non-SBS)
Thin Client User Management (per user)
Service Setup/Initial Audit, SBS Standard
Service Setup/Initial Audit, SBS Premium
Service Setup/Initial Audit, other servers

Example Pricing: Small Business Server Standard and 12 users who each have a desktop, plus two managers that also have laptops.
  Monthly Initial Setup
- Small Business Server £100 £95
- 10 desktops @ £20.00 £200 £350
- 2 Managers @ £27.50 £55 £100
£355 £545


  1. Prices quoted are per month, exclude VAT and are paid monthly in advance.
  2. Initial contract is for 6 months with 1 calendar month notice of termination thereafter
  3. There is a minimum monthly fee of £75 (ex VAT) per service contract. This can include any services.
  4. Consulting includes general advice; specific projects are quoted separately.
  5. Standard support hours are Mon-Fri 08:30-18:30, excluding public holidays. Out-of-hours support can be provided if required. If arranged in advance, this will be charged at our normal PAYG rates. Unplanned/emergency out-of-hours support will be charged at minimum rates as per our published fees.
  6. We operate a fair use policy to determine a reasonable amount of support each month. We reserve the right to charge for support over fair use if more support is required on a regular basis or total support in any one month exceeds 50% of fair use.
  7. Planned on-site support will be provided when required, subject to a maximum number of on-site support visits in each 12 month period. We reserve the right to charge for additional or unplanned/emergency on-site support at our current rates. Unplanned/emergency on-site support will include charges for travel time and mileage (50p/mile) to and from customer site.
  8. Where onsite support involves a journey of more than 15 miles from our offices, we reserve the right to charge for travel time and mileage at 50p/mile to and from the customer site.
  9. Hardware repair not covered by manufacturers warranty will be undertaken on a best endeavours basis. We do not guarantee to fix all hardware faults and may recommend replacing hardware. Typical hardware repairs that will be undertaken include replacing faulty hard drives and graphics/LAN cards. We will source replacement hardware if required and this will be charged at cost with a 10% handling fee. If specialist hardware repair is required, this will be sub-contracted and charged at cost with a 10% handling fee.
  10. Upgrading or replacing hardware is not covered by the support contract and will be charged at our normal ad-hoc rates.
  11. Software support cover includes standard Windows operating systems and applications, along with Microsoft Office if included in the contract. Support for third–party applications is limited to ensuring that the supported network infrastructure is available to run the applications. We recommend that you take out an application support contract with third-party suppliers.
  12. Where we make recommendations to address recurring issues, whether hardware or software related, we reserve the right to charge for support required as a result of the recurrence of those issues where our recommendations have not been followed.

Pay-As-You-Go Support Fees

Planned Support
Hourly Rate
Day Rate
Monday-Friday, 08:30-18:00
Saturday & evenings
All other times/bank holidays
Min Fee
Monday-Friday, 08:30-18:00
Saturday, 09:00-17:00
All other times/bank holidays


  1. Prices exlcude VAT.
  2. Hourly rates charged at 1 hr minimum for onsite support then 30min increments or minimum 30 minutes for remote support then 15 minute increments.
  3. For unplanned emergency call-outs, minumum call-out charges apply and include 1hr of support to include travel time to designated location.


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