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PDAProtect your assets - protect your reputation

If your systems are connected to the internet, how secure are they? Even if you don't connect to the internet, do you have data that must be kept secure within your business? Regis IT offer a complimentary review to help you to assess the security of your computer systems and processes.

The threats to your systems and data can be internal or external. Many business are well aware of the many thousands of potential threats that circulate the internet every day. From relatively harmless viruses to trojans that can spy on your banks accounts, the list is endless. However these need not be a concern if appropriate security measures are in place.

While external threats are well known, less well known are internal threats. How well protected are your IT systems and files from unauthorised access? Many small businesses use a network infrastructure more suited to the home environment. A common security risk is machines that boot directly to the desktop, without requiring a user to logon with a password. Even this basic precaution can secure data from the eyes of of unauthorised visitors or, should the worst happen and your equipment is stolen, from the eyes of whoever picks the machine up from the car boot sale!

Security is not just about your systems. The security of your data is critical too. The USA recently passed laws that require all companies to make public any security breaches and whether or not client data was compromised. We don't have these laws yet, but where America goes, we generally follow! It's not just comprised client data that could affect your reputation. If your systems become the source of a virus that hits your clients through your email contact lists, your reputation could suffer.

Our thorough security review will pinpoint areas where data or systems could be at risk. From this we can forumlate an action plan to plug any holes in your security procedures and policies before that can be exploited.

Consider this: if your systems are connected to the internet, then in the time it has taken you to read this page, there will have been around 5 casual attempts to hack into your systems. This little known statistic was observed by a reporter from IT Week in a 4-day experiment conducted in 2005.

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