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What is SEO / Website Marketing? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, a process by which we improve the rankings of your website in search engines. Site Marketing is another term for the process of making sure that you receive visitors to your website. This is often confused with the term Web Marketing which is the activity you are engaged in by having a website. That is you are using a website to market your products and services.

To be successful online your website needs to attract visitors. The number of visitors that your site attracts could have a large impact upon the success of your business.

Compared with traditional advertising media, a well designed website combined with effective search engine optimisation and a marketing campaign can provide a significant return on investment for your business. Many businesses in Bognor Regis, Chichester, South West Sussex and South East Hampshire are already seeing radical results because of Regis IT SEO services.


Site Marketing Fundamentals

Effective SEO services and website marketing encompasses the following key practises:

  • Optimisation: your site needs to be optimised to ensure a good search engine ranking. It is well recognised that nearly 90% of website visitors first find a site through a search engine. Those same visitors will rarely ever look beyond the third page of a search listing, so you must ensure your site in listed on pages 1-3.
  • Search Engine Submission: while search engine crawlers will eventually find your site, it is better to submit directly to get faster results. While there are hundreds of search engines, only the top 6 or so actually maintain an index of website pages. The other smaller or specialist search engines all syndicate their index from one of the top 6. Therefore we will always submit your site to the top 6 engines.

  • Pay-per-click: many search engines now have cost-effective pay-per-click facilities that can ensure your site gets visitors. With pay-per-click, you bid against others for a place in the sponsored listing to the right of the search listing. Bids start from as little as 1p per click, going up to £10 or more for terms with higher competition and potential returns. Careful management of your PPC campaign is a must. One unlucky PPC advertiser found himself with a £20,000 bill over a weekend because he set up his campaign incorrectly.

Of course getting visitors to your site is just one part of our SEO services web marketing process. Once you have a visitor, you must ensure that your site content and structure converts that visitor to a customer. This requires a clear understanding of what it is you are marketing and an even clearer website that entices and guides a visitor through your online marketing material, leading them naturally to the next step.

Site360 - a revolution in SEO

Many web service providers concentrate solely on SEO services and getting visitors to your site. While we also offer businesses in Bognor Regis and Chichester simple SEO services, we are also pioneers of Site360, a ground-breaking new SEO solution aimed at not only getting visitors, but converting those visitors into customers. Through a Site360 review, we will plan a comprehensive strategy for gaining not only visitors, but new customers via your website. What's more, we have the development expertise required to carry out any action points required by your Site360 Plan. Find out more about this breakthrough new service by clicking here.

Ready for more? Click here to download our SEO Fact Sheet.

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